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Crossbill Nature Guides

Crossbill Nature Guides

Western Andalucía

Andalucía is a region of contrast. There are wild mountains and extensive marshes, dry semi-desert and barren limestone karst, but also leafy woodlands laced with murmuring streams. The biodiversity is the highest of any of the Spanish regions. Andalucía is the stronghold of the endangered Iberian Lynx. Herds of wild Ibex roam the mountains and large numbers of vultures and eagles nest on remote, precipitous cliffs. The Mediterranean Chameleon shelters in the wind-beaten dune scrub, while huge numbers of waterbirds feed in the marshes.

  • Landscape history
  • Ecosystems
  • Geology
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Where to watch birds
  • Finding orchids and other wildflowers
  • 18 detailed routes with tips for finding wildlife and 28 site descriptions

This guide covers all of Andalucía west of the line Malaga-Córdoba, which coincides with the provinces of Huelva, Sevilla, Cádiz and the western half of Malaga. Well-known natural areas within this region include:

  • Coto Doñana National Park
  • The western Sierra Morena
  • La Janda and the Straits of Gibraltar
  • Los Alcornocales
  • Sierra de Grazalema
  • Ronda and the Sierra de las Nieves
  • Many other, smaller sites.

The rest of the autonomous region of Andalucía is described in the twin book Crossbill Guide to Eastern Andalucia. Both books are also available as a package.

The Crossbill Guide is a thorough and practical guide for naturalists and nature lovers. It offers background information, routes and site descriptions, plus tips on finding and watching all kinds of wildlife. Each route offers detailed descriptions of where to find wildlife and wildflowers. The book offers a mix of walking routes and car itineraries with stops and short walks. Although some are challenging, all the walks in this book are designed to explore the landscape and find birds and wildlife rather than simply covering ground.


Verlag: Crossbill
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Ausführung: kartoniert
Format: 21 x 15 cm
Seiten: 272
ISBN: 978-94-91648-09-0
Preis: CHF 39.80


Die Autoren

Dirk Hilbers (NL, 1976), set up the Crossbill Guides Foundation and travels Europe to research the guidebooks. This is the 18th guide on which he has worked. As a biologist, when not in the field, Dirk Hilbers is a free-lance writer and lecturer in the field of environmental ethics.

John Cantelo (UK, 1950) taught History and Social Studies before semi-retirement allowed him to focus on his other enthusiasm, birds and wildlife, by field teaching for the UK nature conservation organization the RSPB. For the past ten years he has helped edit the Crossbill Guides and for rather longer has been a regular visitor to southern Spain. He is an active member of the Andalucia Bird Society and Vice-President of Kent Ornithological Society!


Verlag: Crossbill


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